Welcome to our Dipi Tribe ✨🦋

Hello there, I'm Dipi, your personal stylist and every piece you see here has been curated or handpicked by me. I'm a true millennial who grew up in a small town in Assam where trends from the runways of the '90s were not easily accessible.
I vividly recall begging my parents to take me on a trip to Shillong in Meghalaya (which is a different state in India) just so I could go to Police Bazaar and buy a pair of pink peep-toe heels - a must-have in my pre-teen years! It was during those times that I realized how an accessory can empower you and . I held onto the unique pieces that I could grab during outings and trips - this was the start of my love affair with accessories!
Have you noticed how someone can never bully you as 'vulgar' with a piece of accessory? Lil Naive Me stuck to the narrative and held into those unique pieces that i could grab at any chance during any outing or trip !
When people say I'm selling jewellery or fashion, I beg to differ because what I'm really giving away is the empowering feeling that I felt when I held onto a unique necklace back in the day. It was a time when resources were scarce, but imagination and personal style peaked.
I can't tell you the times i may have felt 'ugly' or 'not promising' enough from the inside. I know what it feels like to have a bad day and then wear a dainty set of earrings and a pendant that instantly made me feel like I have it all sorted - and that's what I want for anyone who invests in our pieces. I want everyone to feel THAT feeling while wearing a piece of DIPI!
DIPI is not just my name, it's where I'm from, what I stand for, and my future. I strongly believe in it and proudly show it to the world. When you attach your name to a brand, it's like you're attaching it to the entire population. I'm open to feedback and criticism and take full ownership of all the praises and mishaps that come our way. I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to you for believing in my dream and investing in our pieces. Thank you for taking out that card, making that transaction, or waiting at the door with cash in your hand to accept a piece of DIPI ♡- it means the world to me.

We want our accessories to be the last touch you need to kill that interview, slay that date or kill that deadline

- With ♡

Team Dipi